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cat innocence.

clawing loud waking me. the kettle brew. minutes later massacre who knew?

article after .. it was glum. i needed fresh air and to digest it all & call mum.

out i was, abandonment of a couch reeked like a buzz. upstairs fire just cause.

charred bike parts silenced by yellow tape. rifled echo instinct to escape.

items tossed in a bag all that’s needed bread ..


66 years ..

an icon dead ..






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an ole milk crate sat up from the curb where my bike laid. seasonal temperatures kept it cool. dollar a record is all he needs to be paid. bills given see you later fool.

vinyl had but zilch to play a secondhand score on. that listen was becoming a ticking bomb. darker then night down river i went. fluidity of artistry worth every cent!

i had enough of heat, idiots & the almighty threw at me .. sat w / stiff drink .. guitarist dies

hey nineteen





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air is much warmer so I don’t sleep much. consistent miles on the bike wear on me. penetrable sun, she’s my day off fun. flopped on a floor to cool. my ass sat on a stool. summers’ heat she takes a seat .. I put up my feet


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a few years ago exiting Oklahoma this tune came on. his vocals stretched beyond the mile markers in front of me. vast openness plus an occasional silo situated itself to my right. the gulch to left emptied reminiscent of a skeletal landscape. nearly dark crossing into the land of enchantment.

Chris you were an important part of all of our lives..



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far as the eye can see, desolate. wheels easily spin. smile & sun, win. cheap cruiser, skin dark. shaded in the park. pass by to left. intense boulevard west. multi colored leaflets fall to ground. one rum down. yellow, time to settle! IMG_6057



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well the heat distinguished from last week. fine by me. i set out, after a neighbor shared he has throat cancer. fuck! less people lined the bay. onto fall, they say. into the Oc we go, smile shows. two fish off rocks. pac coast, matched socks. umbrellas, bikinis lie. i prefer to roll slow than die. the Rv’s pull up. sunny, red dixie cup. a pier, kids at camp conquering fear. one girl a guy, grip tense. bike leans, fence!




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i could feel air rustle in. opposite room a grumble. his habit, glad that evil shit never gets put in me. “hi”, i softly say. will he carry me on the trip north? the bacon smells good. 1 & half hrs later in a cage i stare down at containers. all set, waters swishes round in me. “uh the light is..” we snake thru! the green bike lane is busy. stop signs & sunshine! left turn into a lot. i’m placed on a railing, above the pier. “come back here!”

mayhem as thousands converge on a hot day. please, anyone, shove me in an iced cooler. blistered lips of a homeless man, stare. hell no! ripe tits & jet black hair is fair. hell yes! if an inebriated college kid pisses..

7pm i witness a man puffing a square. him. “lose something?” brad, “yea i left a bottle behind”