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far as the eye can see, desolate. wheels easily spin. smile & sun, win. cheap cruiser, skin dark. shaded in the park. pass by to left. intense boulevard west. multi colored leaflets fall to ground. one rum down. yellow, time to settle! IMG_6057



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well the heat distinguished from last week. fine by me. i set out, after a neighbor shared he has throat cancer. fuck! less people lined the bay. onto fall, they say. into the Oc we go, smile shows. two fish off rocks. pac coast, matched socks. umbrellas, bikinis lie. i prefer to roll slow than die. the Rv’s pull up. sunny, red dixie cup. a pier, kids at camp conquering fear. one girl a guy, grip tense. bike leans, fence!




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i could feel air rustle in. opposite room a grumble. his habit, glad that evil shit never gets put in me. “hi”, i softly say. will he carry me on the trip north? the bacon smells good. 1 & half hrs later in a cage i stare down at containers. all set, waters swishes round in me. “uh the light is..” we snake thru! the green bike lane is busy. stop signs & sunshine! left turn into a lot. i’m placed on a railing, above the pier. “come back here!”

mayhem as thousands converge on a hot day. please, anyone, shove me in an iced cooler. blistered lips of a homeless man, stare. hell no! ripe tits & jet black hair is fair. hell yes! if an inebriated college kid pisses..

7pm i witness a man puffing a square. him. “lose something?” brad, “yea i left a bottle behind”




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morning showers..

scrumptious beer to my right, out for a night. bra & panties, pointy bill. 8pm this place starts to fill. I receive a text, thrilled for whats next. messy nachos I pick with a fork. cute smile I step on her feet, dork. beige shirt, rain boots, humor a hoot! I say, “its hard to hear.” she shakes as we walk to the pier. cool south breeze, oil rig shines at sea. two men stand, poky. their vapor habit, hokey. rainfall, exposed urinal stall.



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was a shy past 6. fluorescent to dark, I wait. they tweet it. arms raise as if i’m welcoming jesus. co-worker’s lil girl asks, “brad why are you out here in it?” we laugh.

brain repulses. my dad says, “you’re nuts!” cool, i’d quiver on a climb upriver. hold the wheel, bridge slipperier than a banana peel. the forests erie sound, hrs later return to town.

it – rain

beast back east, mystical here




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we’re five minutes from opening. restless he is to repair a flat. Vuitton, lipbalm she’s fat. morning fog lifts, sun the gift. all lines ring we hustle. horns & sirens, west LA bustle. “good god does it ever end?”

the ice age back east sees a thaw. will any of you shivery mice nibble on the cheese & ride outside? no need to boast, drier than a cattle skull here on the coast. we’re unkept cats & lidless, all damn day we ride!

eyes periphial, light & shade. a kid motors past me, I hop on his back wheel & fade. youth wins over age! I rollover to 4th street sit by a billboard, ponder. end of a year bye’s as life’s twists conjure.

its a new season




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palms rise over a tiny hidden street. speckles of sun, shade opposite. footsteps simultaneous. i open the door we belly up. full cast of the latest brews stare at us! he, “what can we get you?” her, “light for me, he’ll have..” pretzel bun slathered in pulled pork. me, “let her pick two sides!”

crisp air on a pier. surfers pin, tide rolls in. we kiss, one leg a seagull sits. tracks below form a seam. silhouette & sunbeam.

IMG_2760  IMG_2767

“as the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love”